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Copy from TheCodexianNightmare's blog. With some added stuff from me/ or edited stuff that i have done.

Thank you all for your contribution. It is nice to have some help. :)

Please help me make a list of things that have not yet been added so that people can come to this post and find something they might be able to help with.

The Map Page

Has currently not enough content.

Would like to add the differences between all of the maps as well as some general explanation of what stuff is. Example: the buildings of dome.

this page might be changed to also include all pregame decisions (the things that change you %). If it is not a separate, pregame category should be made for that.

The Infected Page

If someone has the mental fortitude to add time to calculate reward stuff like the spawn rate of the buildings of doom that would also be awesome.

The Buildings Page

For the weird stuff on this page, I would like for this one we have the range, damage, attack speed and knockback distance of the ballistas and the upgrade and damage of traps.

Some images are still missing

The Mayor Page

This is most likely the most complete page on the wiki thanks to the work of Subquake and on Steam.

Here I would like toad the two images as well as all of the flavor text (and I will probably be spending time writing that while watching a stream or something.)

==The research page... is also empty.==

Here I would like to list of all the research, what they cost and what the give.

There is probably more stuff that I am forgetting but to start with I think this is good enough.

From KillerFRIEND


We need to add a lot more info to the buildings, zombies and units pages on an individual level.

I have prepared templates for these.

Buildings template: ""

Zombies template: ""

Units template: ""

Thank you all! i am corrently asking for admin prevliges from the wikia staff at the moment. So lets see how that goes.