In-game Description Edit

"This gentleman pilots a formidable killing machine. It has an ultra fast burst shot and a wide area of effect. Order him to chase infected and enjoy the show."

General Information Edit

The Titan is one of the three specialised units requiring oil that can be recruited in the Engineering Center, the other 2 being Thanatos and Lucifer. However before it can be recruited it must be researched in the Foundry first for 6000 gold.

The Titan is a giant clockwork walker armed with two rotating cannons similar to a minigun. Those cannons give the titan the highest rate of fire and highest overall DPS of any unit in the game, and just like Executor towers they deal damage in a medium Area of Effect. Additionally Titans have a very high attack range, out ranging even Snipers who are not garrisoned in towers allowing them to engage targets from a great range.

In addition to the highest fire rate and range Titans have the most health of all units, high armour value and a great speed. The only downsides they suffer from is their high price, research cost and upkeep and oil requirements.

The Titan serves as the game's ultimate unit. It can act effectively in any role, from defending the colony from swarms, clearing the map from Infected and Villages of Doom and, in a pinch, even plugging gaps in a wall by body blocking with their large collision boxes while a new defensive line is thrown up.

Quotes Edit

When trained:

  • "The mighty Titan is here!"

When selected:

  • "A great machine, for a great man!"
  • "At your service!"
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "Hello!"
  • "Good morning, sir!"
  • "Is it tea time already?"
  • "My machine is ready!"
  • "Oh, the infected! They're so rude!"
  • "So much steam. Let me adjust this valve."
  • "The world looks so tiny from up here!"
  • "What can I do for you, sir?"
  • "Yes! It's a wonderful day, don't you think?"

When moving:

  • "Good idea, sir!"
  • "Indeed!"
  • "Jolly good!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Oh dear!"
  • "Oh, hello!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Walking like a giant."
  • "I'll try not to crush anyone."

When attacking:

  • "Feel the wrath of the Titan!"
  • "Have a taste of my machine!"
  • "Heeere we go!"
  • "Let me destroy them!"
  • "Sweet dreams!"
  • "Too easy!"