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  • KillerFRIEND

    Greetings! Finally, They Are Billions Survival Mode is available on Steam! We know lots of people have been waiting patiently to play the game, especially the backers after we ran out beta keys. We have worked as if we were being chased by billions of zombies to launch the game much earlier than originally anticipated.

    This version is now much more polished than the original. We have implemented lots of improvements suggested by the beta testers and also fixed billions of issues and bugs. This process will continue during the Early Access phase while we work on the epic Campaign Mode.

    The backing period and special editions are no longer available. Thank you so much for your support and patience. The overwhelming support for our game was so much more than we had ever dreamed of.

    Your Steam key(s) are already available on your download page in Humble Store. Just use the link from the email you received as: "Your Ranger Edition is Ready.”

    In January, we will start creating the special rewards …

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  • KillerFRIEND

    Great work everyone!

    December 12, 2017 by KillerFRIEND

    Thank you all for your contribution. It is nice to have some help. :)

    Please help me make a list of things that have not yet been added so that people can come to this post and find something they might be able to help with.

    Has currently not enough content.

    Would like to add the differences between all of the maps as well as some general explanation of what stuff is. Example: the buildings of dome.

    this page might be changed to also include all pregame decisions (the things that change you %). If it is not a separate, pregame category should be made for that.

    If someone has the mental fortitude to add time to calculate reward stuff like the spawn rate of the buildings of doom that would also be awesome.

    For the weird stuff on this page, I would like for this one we have the range, damage, attack speed and knockback distance of the ballistas and the upgrade and damage of traps.

    Some images are still missing

    This is most likely the most complete page on the wiki thanks to the work of Subquake …

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