In-game Description Edit

"Basic dwelling for the colonists. Colonists provide gold and workers for the colony."

General Information Edit

This is the first building that you get workers from. It also increases your Gold income.

It is the first tier of colony buildings and can be upgraded to a Cottage, if researched.

Tips & Strategy Edit

  • Due to their low Defense Life and their high colonist number, they should be carefully placed and protected, otherwise a single stray zombie can escalate into a horde quickly.
  • Their low cost and high income lets them easily be placed in masses. A tent already breaks-even after 32 hours. If refunded it would only take 16 hours to break-even.
  • Because of their low cost, they can easily be refunded if threatened. If a zombie comes too close to them though, they cant be refunded anymore, so it is of critical importance to react quickly or put a early-warning system in place.
  • Very energy efficient, but space inefficient.
  • New players tend to vastly underestimate the importance of housing. Of all the resources required to keep a colony going, gold is needed in the largest amount and must be produced in quantities orders of magnitude higher than any other resource. As such, building a large, dense, and efficient housing district should be one of a players highest and most immediate priorities.
  • Placement of a Market and Bank is critical to getting the most out of your housing, so pay careful attention to the discussion of strategies and tips for those buildings when considering how you will place your tents.