In-game DescriptionEdit

"Highest dwelling for the colonists. Colonists provide gold and workers for the colony."

General Information Edit

The Stone House is the last upgrade of a Tent. Stone Houses can be upgraded from Cottages, after being researched in the Stone Workshop.

A Stone House quadruples the Workers and Colonists provided by a tent and gives five times the gold income, but it also costs 4 times the food and 10 times the energy to maintain.

Tips & Strategy Edit

  • Stone houses are the most space and food efficient dwelling in the game. Each unit of food produces 2.5 gold as opposed to the 2 gold produced by a single food when maintaining tents.
  • Stone houses consume a large amount of energy and are quite energy inefficient, producing just 5 gold per unit of energy compared to 8 gold per unit of energy produced by tents. Since most energy must be produced by Mills and mills are very space inefficient, sustaining a housing district composed of stone houses requires expanding into a very large area to build sufficient mills to support the housing district. Alternately, Power Plants can be used if the wood and stone income is sufficiently high.
  • Stone houses payoff more slowly than tents and cottages. However, they still become profitable in a mere 64 hours (less than 3 days) after being produced, making them exceptional investments despite their relatively high cost.
  • In conjunction with Markets and Banks, they are a great way to get a lot of income and workers without occupying too much space that has to be defended. In particular, banks are much more efficient with Stone Houses around them than they are with mere Cottages or Tents. A bank influencing 4 Tents increases income by 8, and a Bank influencing 2 Cottages increases income by 10, but a single Stone House in a Bank's radius increases income by 12.
  • Like all houses, Stone Houses should be guarded heavily, because they have huge snowball potential. Although they are not nearly as fragile as tents, once a single Stone House becomes infected, the situation rapidly gets out of control both because of the large numbers of infected produced by a stone house and the massive noise event that the infection of a stone house generates.
  • The Stone House actually costs less wood when built directly, than it does when upgrading from a Cottage (5 instead of 12).