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In-game Description[]

"Snipers walk slowly and take their time to load their large rifle. However, Snipers have a very high attack range. With their incredible aim, they can kill most of the infected with just one shot to the head."

General Information[]

The Sniper is a unit in They Are Billions. It is built in Soldiers Center. It is the first unit requiring research, and is researched in the Wood Workshop.

Snipers are long range units with slow, high damage attacks. They are most effective against tougher infected, whom they inflict less overkill damage on. The Sniper also produces a slight knockback effect for infected that survive his attack, allowing him to slow down Infected Chubbies with relative ease. When in low numbers, they can easily get overwhelmed even by normal zombies because of their slow attack and movement speed, so they rather should be used behind defenses.

In large groups however, they are excellent to clear the map or get rid of most types of special zombies, thanks to their long range, which allows them to defend each other with ease.

Shots-To-Kill Table[]

Tier Slow Fast Exec Spec Chubby
Base 1 1 1 2 7
Vet 1 1 1 2 6


When trained:

  • "Sniper is ready."

When selected:

  • "Death, lovely death."
  • "I need to kill something."
  • "I need to 'splode a skull."
  • "Just give me something to shoot."
  • "Just tell me what to kill."
  • "Last night I dreamt of brains exploding."
  • "My rifle is ready."
  • "Your sniper, at your service."
  • "Nothing better than to put some bullets through some brains."
  • "So many targets, gonna love it."
  • "Tell me your darkest thoughts."
  • "Who do you want me to punish?"

When moving:

  • "Alright."
  • "Bullseye."
  • "Let's go."
  • "Like a snake with its prey."
  • "Nice target."
  • "Roger that."
  • "Slow, but lethal."
  • "That's a sight to kill."
  • "Yeah."
  • "It's a nice day to die."

When attacking:

  • "Are you reading my mind?"
  • "Death sentence."
  • "Dieee."
  • "Good day to kill."
  • "My bullets in their head."
  • "To the death."