In-game Description Edit

"Can buy and sell resources. Automatically sells excess resources produced. Reduces the food needs of surrounding dwellings."

General Information Edit

The Market automatically sells excess resources for gold, gives you the ability to buy and sell resources and reduces food cost by 20% for all Colonist buildings in a range of 12 blocks (making it a 27x27 square).

Building additional markets will improve buying and selling prices, up to a limit of 3 markets, which is also the limit of banks you can built at once.

In order to build your first Market, you need to reach a colony population of 200 colonists.

The food cost reduction zone does NOT stack.

Number of Markets Wood Stone Iron Oil
1 Market - Buy 5x 100 200 400 800
1 Market - Sell 5x 5 10 20 40
2 Markets - Buy 5x 95 190 380 760
2 Markets - Sell 5x 7 14 28 56
3 Markets - Buy 5x 90 180 360 720
3 Markets - Sell 5x 9 18 36 72

Tips & Strategy Edit

As with the Bank, planning the placement of your Houses (Tents, Cottages and Stone Houses) beforehand will let you maximize your food discount.

A good, popular strategy is to build a Market and Bank next to each other at a wide-open space, building housings around them and focus on upgrading these to the highest housing possible (first Cottages, then Stone Houses), to get efficient value out of the bonus zones.

A good middle ground for effective income and remaining some move-space for your units is to build the housings in 2x5 rows, if there are no obstacles around; 5 rows of 2x5 next to each other, on 2 opposing sides of the market/bank, and one row of 5x2 in between these on each side. See city layouts page for further ideas and screenshots of implementation.

Known Bugs & Issues Edit

As of V0.5.0, there is a notable anomaly though with these zones icon showing: Housings which are only half-part build inside the zone do show the icon on the upper part of the Market(so top-left and top-right), but don't show it at the bottom. However, the building has to be inside the range completely in order to get the bonus, even if the icon is showing, the housings built only half-part-inside don't get the bonus.