The Infected are zombies and the main enemies of the game. The infected used to be humans in the past until an unexplained epidemic turned them into mindless zombies. Now they make up a majority of the world's population with wandering swarms constantly hunting for the last remaining humans.

Large groups of infected occupy a majority of the map with entire swarms concentrated around Villages of Doom. Any infantry unit or building that gets too close to the infected will attract their attention. They also react to the noises made by weapons and the behaviors of other infected around them.

If even one of the infected deals enough damage to any building it will infect it and all of its inhabitants will turn into zombies potentially resulting in an outbreak that will spiral out of control if not immediately taken care of.

All Infected have a hit points regeneration rate of 0.1.

Types of Infected Edit

Walkers Edit

Low-level Infected that are the very first you will encounter, they have a very slow movement speed and low health. These Infected, while weak, make up for it in numbers. There are thousands placed around the map and if provoked can create a swarm early in the game that can be hard to repel.

Runners Edit

Mid-level Infected found in Villages of Doom, at medium distance from spawn and as part of swarms. They're fast and can pose a significant threat.

Special Infected Edit

Rare, high-level Infected found close to the edges of the map, in Villages of Doom or as part of late-game swarms. They possess unique abilities making them a huge threat to even heavily defended colonies.

The Infected Giant only appears at difficulty "Medium Population (Challenging)" and higher.