In-game DescriptionEdit

"Produces food by hunting animals from the surroundings like forests and grasslands."

General InformationEdit

The hunter's cottage is a unique food collection building, as the food it produces is dependent on the map theme, as well as the area it covers.

For each cell in it's resource range of 3, the total food production is calculated as follows: 0.8 * (# of Dirt Cells * Dirt Cell Modifier + # of Grass Cells * Grass Cell Modifier + # of Tree Cells * Tree Cell Modifier).

These modifiers are map dependent, and are listed in the table below.

Map Theme Hunting Food Modifiers
Dirt Grass Woods
The Dark Moorland 15% 30% 60%
The Peaceful Lowlands 10% 30% 50%
The Frozen Highlands 0% 40% 60%
The Desolated Wasteland 0% 30% 60%

Tips & StrategyEdit

It is generally advised to put Hunter's Cottages next to as many tree and grass tiles as possible. In particular they tend to be most efficient in the long run when placed next to an area of woodland, but they can be temporarily placed and used much like a farm if farming technology is not available and can even provide a slight boost to food production placed near a farm. While Hunter's Cottages are not as efficient as Farms at using grass tiles, they are both smaller and cheaper both in initial cost and upkeep making them both efficient to build and essential if the player lacks the ability to produce farms. Players should note that if buildings are constructed within their range, it will reduce their food production.