Guide Author Description
Basics: How to win in 80 days Klingenmeister Basics of building, troops, and infected. Zombie behavior, detailed timeline, zombie village, defense design, final wave, and misc.
A step by step guide to survival Tynendir Aimed at beginners who struggle to finish the first map.
They Are Billions Ultimate Guide AznElite123, Ragnorak Early game, sniper rush, mid game, late game, final wave, tech rush, map 4, villages of doom, no pause, aggro, timeline milestones, map-specific tips.
The hitchhiker's guide to a good start EndangeredTurtoise Unit movement, build order, early game
Mini TAB Guide LedgeEndDairy Patrolling, noise, hard pushing
General Strategy guide Pt1, Pt2, Pt3 Nami Scouting, economy, first wave, mid-game, final wave
They Are Billions 800% Guide Jonathan Berger Map selection, unit movement, each hour strategy, timeline, troubleshooting/FAQ.

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