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In-game Description[]

"Allows the researching of complex buildings and units based on iron."

General Information[]

The third Research Building in the game, allowing for Tier 3 research.

It cannot be refunded, though it can be destroyed by units with the attack command.

If the Foundry gets removed by the player, every technology it provided cannot be accessed anymore and needs to be researched again if the Foundry is rebuilt.

Tier 3 Name Cost Description
Advanced Farm.jpg Advanced Farm 1500 Upgrades from Farm:

Grants twice the food

Advanced Quarry.jpg Advanced Quarry 1500 Upgrades from Quarry:

Grants twice the minerals

Advanced Mill.jpg Advanced Mill 1400 Upgrades from Mill:

Grants 20 more Energy

Oil Platform.jpg Oil Platform 1200 Gives the ability to pump oil which is

required for this level of tech

Engineering Center.jpg Engineering Center 2000 Produces the highest tier units: Lucifer,

Thanatos and Titan

Radar Tower.jpg Radar Tower 1000 Upgrades from Lookout Tower:

Significantly increases view

Executor.jpg Executor 3000 Upgrades from the Great Ballista:

Huge damage upgrade

Wire Fence Trap.jpg Wire Fence Trap 900 Upgrades from Stakes Trap:

Has twice the hp of Stakes Trap

Thanatos(Guessing).jpg Thanatos 2000 Rocket Launcher unit with great AoE: Available for

research after building Engineering Center.

Titan Portrait.jpg Titan 6000 Rapid fire in small aoe, has huge range : Available for

research after building Engineering Center.

Mutant 6000
Atlas Transmutator
Lightning Spire