In-game DescriptionEdit

"Attack tower. Attacks nearby enemies inflicting massive damage within an effect area of 0.6 cells radius."

General InformationEdit

The Executor is a highest tier defensive turret with long range, high damage, a fairly high rate of fire and a small area of effect. It can be researched in the Foundry for 3000 gold.

It can be built directly or upgraded from a Great Ballista.

Tips & StrategyEdit

Like units, Executors can be told to target either the nearest threats or the highest level ones. This can be useful in later stages of the game when the player has a significant number of troops capable of taking out tougher infected, as they have significant splash damage, though their high maintenance cost means they should be built somewhat sparingly.


In English, 'Executor' means "a person or institution appointed to carry out the terms of a will", or more generally, someone that puts something into effect. It is pronounced, "eg-zec-u-tor". The word is related to the English verb, "to execute", which has one common meaning of "to put to death". However, the word 'Executor' is related to the other common meaning of "to execute" - "to put something into effect". A person responsible for putting someone to death is an 'Executioner' (pronounced "ex-e-kue-shun-er") and not an 'Executor'. Thus the fearsome tier three tower is not actually named after dealer of mass death, but after a common lawyer.