Because of the chief importance housing has in building a strong economy, there is a particular interest in efficient usage of building space in order to maximize bonuses from Banks (extra income) and Markets (reduced food maintenance).

Layouts overview[edit | edit source]

Example of layout with separated bank and market, still a good stats for extra space maps.

Here we attempt to summarize and evaluate effectiveness of different approaches one can find in the web. It is commonly accepted to put bank and market next to each other to combine bonuses as much as possible, but we also presented layouts (i.e. offset 6 and 11 rows) with offset between them, allowing to put extra tents.

One can judge total amount of houses in layout (2nd column) and amount of houses affected by bank and market (column "Bank/Market") and corresponding percentages of income boost and food economy. Last column demonstrate usage of bonus-covered area. Please note, that we maximize market coverage, but one may exchange positions of market and bank to get more money but lose food.

Proceed to Markets and Bank layouts Google spreadsheet for detailed version of this table, where you can find template to make your custom layout.



Bank/Market Bonus Food/Income Usage of space Gold per Food
Parallel 150 128 / 128 82.9% / 125.6% 75.8% 3.99
Perpendicular 144 118 / 131 81.8% / 124.6% 72.7% 4.03
Blocks 5x2 140 116/126 82% / 124.9% 70.7% 4.03
Glasses 136 123 / 123 81.9% / 127.1% 68.7% 4.11
Offset 6 rows 176 128 / 128 85.5% / 121.8% 76.4% 3.72
Offset 11 rows 192 130 / 130 86.5% / 120.3%

Examples[edit | edit source]

Here's some examples of schematics without obstacles

And some from real life: vertical lined layout, center rows and glasses layout.

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