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Units are the main tools for expanding and defending the player's colony. They can be trained at the Soldiers Center or the Engineering Center. All Soldiers Center units are able to level up into a Veteran version, which enhances the strength of the unit. After an initial cost to build the unit, there is also a maintenance cost, which subtracts from the player's gold income (and other resources in some cases) periodically, potentially forcing the player's gold income into the negatives. If the player is unable to pay these costs (due to having zero income and gold), the units will desert the colony disappearing from the map.

Image Name Description
Ranger Portrait.PNG Ranger As the Ranger is both quick and silent, she is excellent to exploring the map at the beginning, for picking up supplies around the map and for defending any site in the base quickly. She is trained at the Soldiers Center.
Soldier Portrait.png Soldier The Soldier is an early and versatile Tank with a powerful armour, venom resistance, high health regeneration, and considerable speed of movement. Moreover, he has better damage and attack speed than the Ranger, but also is noisier when firing, and will attract nearby Infected within a certain radius. He is trained at the Soldiers Center.
Sniper Portrait.png Sniper The Sniper has a very slow attack speed but deadly attack damage and range. His attacks also have a knockback effect making him useful against high HP Infected. He also has a huge attack range that allows him to eliminate any enemy from a secure site. He is trained at the Soldiers Center.
Lucifer Portrait.png Lucifer Lucifer utilizes a flamethrower to burn Infected within a cone Area of Effect in front of him. He is the guardian of humanity, acting as a tank and protecting his companions thanks to his immense health, resistance to poison, and colossal regeneration of health. Though he cannot attack behind walls, can damage non-Lucifer friendly units and has a low attack range. He is trained at the Engineering Center.
Thanatos(Guessing).jpg Thanatos Thanatos is a powerful melee unit that can also shoot missiles over long distances which deal Area of Effect damage and knockback. He is adept at destroying Doom Villages from a distance and thinning out swarms of Infected. He is trained at the Engineering Center.
Titan Portrait.jpg Titan The Titan is the most powerful and expensive unit. Akin to an Executor turret, he deals damage in a medium Area of Effect with a high attack speed. His great life allows him to contain a wave for a few seconds, acting as a temporary wall. A group of Titans can easily clear out the map from Infected. He is trained at the Engineering Center.
Mutant Portrait.png Mutant The mutant is an extremely expensive and extremely powerful end-game unit. They boast the largest health-pool of any controllable unit, move extremely quickly, and deal Area of Effect damage in melee combat. Excellent for holding off waves of Infected but poorly suited to handling Special-Infected for extended periods of time. He is trained at the Engineering Center.

You can see detailed information in a [single Google Spreadsheet].

There are 7 different types of infantry units in They Are Billions.

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