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Cape Storm is a Level 2 mission unlocked after completing The Coast of Bones. A blocking swarm must be cleared in order to reach it. When completed, it grants access to the mission The Lowlands.

In-Game Description[]

"This land that extends into the sea holds a great wealth of resources that the Empire wishes to control. Conquer the lands of Cape Storm and exploit its resources to honor the Empire. The Cape's climate can be very cruel, because of its wind and permanent storms, but that will not be your biggest concern. We have detected a large swarm of infected approaching the lands of the Cape. Defend the bridge of the North with all your strength because it's the only point of entry, and the infected will come in increasing number."


The thing you MUST understand about Cape Storm is that the description is greatly underselling the swarm with "large". A better word would be "massive". The swarm can fill up the entire north bridge twice over, and features a large number of Chubbies. This swarm can rip through multiple layers of basic fortifications with little trouble, so come prepared. There will also be a daily stream of infected filtering in over the course of the map--these start out slow and small in numbers but will get more intense as you approach the final attack. So make sure you have that bridge manned! Start with one person in one tower and up it as you go.

The Great Ballista is highly recommended for this map--when set to Highest Level Enemy they can nail the Chubbies before they can cause excess trouble, and once out of Chubbies they have a small splash for hitting the mob. It is almost mandatory to buff your Wood Walls and Towers, or to get Stone ones if you can manage it. Buffs to your Soldiers are good to have, as are unlocking Snipers.

Remember that attacking infected will, in the absence of other targets, always beeline for the Command Center. This is important for your bridge defense--while the swarm is so huge that it will just fill the entire area until you kill most of it, you can expect the strongest pressure on the west side of your defenses. Make sure that part is built to take hits.

Finally, it is important to note that the Cape itself is not just loaded with infected, but also features Chubbies and Executives farther in. There is also one single Chubby south-southwest of your starting location, roughly around the head of the bay south of your Command Center. If alerted, he is extremely hard to kill and can almost immediately wipe out a starting base. It is highly recommended that you avoid going this way if at all possible until you can produce enough Soldiers to kill him.

The good news is that Cape Storm is a very rich map, with plenty of space, plenty of resources (including a good amount of oil), a good amount of growing space, and a number of highly effective chokepoints. The most important is right in the middle of the map, at the neck that splits the cape into "upper" and "lower". Taking out the north Chubby and beelining to lock down this chokepoint can secure your rear. Finally, Fisherman's Cottages are extremely important here--the Cape has a ton of coastline to use and the Cottages will catch more fish than normal here. If possible, place new Cottages first so that you can maximize how much you get out of them.

A "boom" strategy can work very well on Cape Storm--focus on building and then upgrading your houses, so as to quickly increase your gold income and use that money to make more money. You will have to devote some early work into building up a group that can kill that Chubby and clear out the upper cape, but once that's done, you can launch your economy at frightening speeds.