In-game DescriptionEdit

"Increases the amount of gold generated by each colonists and surrounding dwellings."

General Information Edit

In order to build your first Bank, you need to reach a colony population of 400 colonists.

The Bank increases gold gain from all Colonist buildings in a range for 12 blocks (making it a 27x27 size square) by 30%.

Gold Yield Table
Dwelling Gold Generation With Bank Net Bonus
Tent 8 10 2
Cottage 18 23 5
Stone House 40 52 12

You are limited to building no more than 3 total Banks, which is also the limit of Markets you can build.


Banks only give their 30% gold generation increase bonus once, meaning that building two Banks close to the same dwellings will net no extra bonus and only waste much needed space for the colony's expansion.

Tips & Strategy Edit

Planning ahead will allow you to gain much more gold from your Bank. Place your housing so that as many as possible can receive the benefit of your Bank.

As shown in the table above, Banks are more efficient with higher tier houses such as Cottages than they are with Tents.

A popular strategy is to build a Market and Bank next to each other in a wide-open space, build housings around them, and focus on upgrading these to the highest housing possible(e.g. Stone Houses) to get the maximum advantage out of the bonus zones.

There are many different theories as to the optimal layout of housing around a bank. See the discussion of housing layouts.

Known Issues Edit

As of V0.5.0, there is a notable anomaly though with these zones icon showing: Housings which are only half build inside the zone do show the icon on the upper part of the Market(so top-left and top-right), but don't show it at the bottom. However, the building has to be inside the range completely in order to get the bonus, even if the icon is showing, the housings built only half-part-inside don't get the bonus.