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• 1/8/2018

Veterans attract more infected?

Is it true that when a marine or a sniper upgrades to vet, he attracts more infected?
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• 1/10/2018
The only info i got about the noise mechanic was from reddit user "zeidrich" , he essentially said that each unit generates different "activity" levels on the tile per attack, which diminishes over time, but if a unit shoots faster (e.g. ranger veteran, shooting twice as fast), it logically should attract alot more zombies.
Though i have to say, i have no proof of this in any way, i just believe him on this right now as i dont have a better explanation or way of finding one, and it seems about right.
The reddit thread talking about this:
Can the noise system be explained better? • r/TheyAreBillions
Can the noise system be explained better? • r/TheyAreBillions reddit
• 1/15/2018
Every shot makes a certain amount of noise, and since veterans have a higher rate of fire, they generate a little more noise. However, a veteran Ranger kills a basic zombie in 3 shots instead of 4, so that's less "noise per kill".
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