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• 3/23/2018

Infected or Zombies?

Hello, I am new here. I have a question to ask, have you came to the consensus on whether we should call them "infected" or "zombies"? I have also added a poll.

Have a good one everyone.
Infected or Zombies
  • Infected
  • Zombies
  • Use them interchangeably
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• 1/23/2018

APS / Attackspeed in TAB

A user on reddit extracted some game data files and uploaded it:
I tried to get a better understanding of the APS in terms of : Setup-time(e.g. when you set a unit to hold, they get into stance already and shoot instantly), how much time the actual shooting needs, what's the cooldown afterwards etc.
(btw, animation cancelling seems to be possible)

Now: the APS numbers displayed in-game seem to be not easily understood by the data or maybe are even wrong. I can't say for sure yet.

The relevant columns seem to be "TimeAction","TimePreAction" and "TimeLoad"/"TimeUnload" (to get in/out of stance).

A reddit thread with the relevant Details :

If someone gets a better understanding (and maybe even can show/prove how it works by modding the files and demonstating it), it would be greatly appreciated.
Attack Speed / APS : How is it composed in the data • r/TheyAreBillions
Attack Speed / APS : How is it composed in the data • r/TheyAreBillions reddit
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• 1/8/2018

Veterans attract more infected?

Is it true that when a marine or a sniper upgrades to vet, he attracts more infected?
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• 12/25/2017

Remove unit details from Unit Category page

This page not only lists units but also contains all details. In my opinion that's not the right place for it. The details should only be documented in the unit specific page.

Do you agree?
Units They Are Billions Wiki
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• 12/18/2017


I have screenshots of the research icons and the research tooltips for all T1 and T3 stuff. I'll be getting more info, I just need help presenting it nicely. I'm hoping for a table of some sort that mimics the 5x3 grid of the GUI so a user can just click the icon to go to that research page.
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